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  • “After Jesus Before Christianity”

    Have you thought about joining a study group with those who are interested and have read or are reading the new book “After Jesus Before Christianity“? Six sessions each session covering one of the six major themes in the book. I anticipate roughly an hour of discussion per the theme. If we go longer that […]

  • A great article by Gregory Hillis

    Read this story. Discover the importance of comparative religious studies. As a teacher of comparative religions for over ten years, and a continuing student myself, I have always found that my students at the end of the class understood their own religion, their own denominations better than when we started the class.

  • 56 years ago Thomas Merton warned…

    56 years ago, Thomas Merton warned that the failure to enact the Gospel’s social implications would result in an “Earthly Hell.” “Social Implications” is about the Great Good. Merton’s role as a mystic voice of awareness, soul searching, compassion, and peace is even more remarkable considering the ways conflict, confusion, doubt touched his personal life. […]

  • Green Junction: What to do about plastics? By Julie Peller Ph.D.

    I often write about plastic pollution since it is one of the greatest threats to the earth. Our current lifestyles rely on these materials, meaning that plastic production will continue to increase, at least in the short term. Another reason I regularly highlight this environmental threat is because each of us can make a difference […]

  • Green Junction: 90% of all toys are plastic. By Julie Peller Ph.D.

    An estimated 90% of all toys are made of plastic. These are used for a short time or even several years but have a much longer lifetime on earth as garbage. Most plastics are made from fossil fuels. Newer plastics that contain a portion of material derived from plants are marketed as bioplastics; however, these […]

  • My Favorite Thomas Merton Quote

    Happy New Year “Place no hope in the feeling of assurance, in spiritual comfort. You may well have to get along without this. Place no hope in the inspirational preachers of Christian sunshine, who are able to pick you up and set you back on your feet and make you feel good for three or […]

  • Reflecting on the year, as a historian

    Is authoritarianism the default model for nations? Do we understand that authoritarianism produces a level of conceit, militarism, overextension, and bureaucratic calcification in leadership? Study the patterns throughout history. Is authoritarianism the new wealth, power & Prestige? History/Philosophy teaches us that when governments move toward authoritarianism, it is because the people don’t believe it could […]

  • Green Junction: “We should rejoice when we sacrifice.” By Julie Peller Ph.D.

    I extend warm wishes of joy and peace this Christmas and New Year to all of you.Julie I recently read that “we should rejoice when we sacrifice, giving something back to God or to someone whose needs are greater than ours.” This beautiful sentiment can be extended to creation. The someone can be Mother Earth: the land, air, and […]

  • Merton and Peace — Pastor Michael Moore’s Blog

    Based upon some conversations I have been a part of this week, these words from Thomas Merton from his book No Man Is an Island spoke to my heart. The God of peace is never glorified in violence. In these times of local AND worldwide challenges, I believe my brother Thomas would agree with another […] […]

  • Green Junction: Sustainable Agriculture by Julie Peller Ph.D.

    The number of farms in the United States has been falling since 2007, while farm sizes over these years have been increasing. Most US farms are small family farms; these occupy about half of the country’s farmland. However, they generate only 21% of the food production, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). […]