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  • Green Junction: Amazon~not the rain forrest. By Julie Peller Ph.D.

    Amazon, the giant, US-based, e-commerce company recently had its annual shareholders’ meeting. One discussion point was a proposal to report the company’s plastic use and determine the benefits of reducing plastic. With only 48% of shareholders voting in favor of evaluating the company’s plastic usage/waste, the proposal fell short of the majority and was rejected. […]

  • Green Junction: Plastic is expected to double over the next 20 years. By Julie Peller Ph.D.

    According to the World Economic Forum, the production of plastic is expected to double over the next 20 years. Half of the plastics in our world now have been made over the past two decades. The accumulated amount of plastic materials manufactured since 1950 is over 9 billion tons, which some researchers describe as over […]

  • Green Junction: The earth is depending on us to be kinder and gentle by Julie Peller Ph.D.

    An article that discusses facing the tough realization of climate change suggests adopting mindsets and taking on ventures that are positive and productive. These include defending the truth and viewing oneself as a citizen and not a consumer. Instead of enhancing one’s identity through stuff, the recommendation is to recognize one’s goodness independent of material […]

  • Render Unto Caesar: The Struggle Over Christ and Culture in the New Testament

    Originally posted on Zwinglius Redivivus:
    John Dominic Crossan’s latest volume: Leading Bible scholar John Dominic Crossan, the author of the pioneering work The Historical Jesus, provides new insight into the Christian culture wars which began in the New Testament and persist strongly today. For decades, Americans have been divided on how Christians should relate to…

  • Are you ready for a change?

    View at Education & collaboration among societies is essential in understanding the role of technology in our world and, what it means to be a human, and the difference it all makes. “Technology will accelerate the value of human effort — but at the risk of creating millions of citizens who are simply unable […]

  • Leave a Legacy

    Using #AI for the greater good. If society realized AI could free up work time for individuals and allow people to read a book a day~non-fiction and fiction~The world just might become a better place to live. This would take societal phase change to accomplish. Change A key factor in understanding historical Philosophy/theology is #ART. […]

  • Green Junction: The Quality of Water by Julie Peller Ph.D.

    The quality of surface waters in Indiana is poor according to a recent analysis of surface waters across the country. Although some improvements have been made over the past years in reducing industrial and sewage discharges, there are deficiencies and continued efforts to weaken the state’s environmental laws. The outcome is an extensive amount of […]

  • Technology is not the big bad wolf at the door of humanity

    The word’s etymology, Technology, leads back to the Greek ‘techne’, derived from technique and technics. Aristotle observed that “Every techne and every inquiry, and similarly every praxis and pursuit, is believed to aim at some good” ~ Think Eudaimonia technology is found in every societal revolution, agricultural, industrial, and now the autonomous process. Technology makes […]

  • A Great Article by Daniel P Horan

    As a “baby boomer’ I found this article to be inspiring and hopeful. “Gen Z does not need our patronizing admiration, but our sincere respect and the opportunity to lead us, teach us and show us older folks what we are missing and where we need to go.”… via @NCRonline Why young adults […]

  • Green Junction: Engage in Acts of Kindness by Julie Peller Ph.D.

     It is always a good time to engage in acts of kindness. While we typically view these in the context of one another, acts of kindness can extend to earthly care.  Pope Francis describes Mother Earth as the poorest of the poor, due to the harm humans have inflicted upon her. Given his warnings and […]