Retreats, Bookclubs & Discussion Groups

Self?… Are you there?…. Hello?

Join me in an engaging conversation with one another as we meet the Living Self in the modern world through books thinking and the art of conversation.

Retreats:  Business, Technology, and living life well

Retreats are a time for engaging conversation with one another as we come to understand philosophy in the modern world to bring about personal and professional success, to achieve the greater good.

We start where all learning begins: With Curiosity and Puzzlement, maybe a little Bewilderment. Together we address the “warm fuzzies and the cold pricklies” trying to answer the question: “Why Bother? Does it make a difference?” So, as adults, is it worth your time, effort, and commitment to “KNOW” why you bother? One thing for sure, over the past forty years, I’ve learned the importance of “reductio ad absurdum.”

In the retreat, we will work towards understanding the skills necessary to master the art of appreciation and to honor our inner self as we strive to accomplish the greater good.  Philosophy is the core element of the life model, and we as humans need to understand the role “Ambition, Process, Brand, Customer, Execution and Performance” play in living our life to the fullest.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”  ~ Aristotle, Metaphysics

Bookclubs & Discussion Groups:  Business, Technology, and living life well, Spirituality and meeting the Significant Other.

Bookclub formats are in-person or virtual online and we use Zoom, there is no charge for Zoom and participants do not have to sign up for it either.  The format is looking at topics and authors we find interesting, speaking to what is challenging to all of us, and in the discussion, we try to become people moving towards the greater good.  Time formats are flexible and yes we have had bookclubs & discussions in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Bookclub authors, we have done and will continue to read and discuss:

Richard Rohr

Thomas Merton

Tom Morris

Viktor Frankl

Eli Goldratt

Mortimer Adler

All Philosophers & Theologians throughout history

Bookclub topics, we have done and will continue to read and discuss:


Technology and the industrial revolution

Ecology, Laudato Si,

Mystics and Spirituality

Religions of the World

Why humans search for meaning in life?