The Program

God?… Are you there?…. Hello?

Join me in an engaging conversation with one another as we meet the Living God in the modern world.

“For the Hebrew mind, to be is to be-with-the-others. So also to know the other is to commune with the other, actively to relate oneself to the other in a relationship that involves the whole self…….Knowledge is not simply an affair of the intelligence; it is an affair of the heart, in the biblical sense of the heart as the center and source of the whole inner life, in its full complex of thought, desire, and moral decision.”  John Courtney Murray

In all the programs, courses, workshops, we start where all learning begins: With Curiosity and Puzzlement, maybe a little Bewilderment. Together we address the “warm fuzzies and the cold pricklies” trying to answer the question: “Why Bother? Does it make a difference?” So, as adults, is it worth your time, effort and commitment to “KNOW” why you bother? One thing for sure, over the past forty years, I’ve learned the importance of “reductio ad absurdum.”

If God exists, no amount of your disbelief will make God disappear. If God does not exist no matter how hard you believe will not make God real. Come and lets together meet the living God.

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Join in the General Dance” is the reading Group program on the writings of Thomas Merton