Loving the Unseen God — Help Me Believe

My friend, Lisa Quintana, writes a great piece on loving a God that we cannot physically see. Along the way, she provides some insightful details from Church History and shares a bit of her personal testimony. “Loving the Unseen God” Lisa Quintana

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Why is St. Isidore of Seville patron saint of the internet?

Isidore may seem like a strange choice, but his academic works make him a perfect fit.It may seem strange that a 7th-century saint was chosen as the patron saint of the internet, but after a careful examination of his life, St. Isidore of Seville turns out to be the perfect choice. Isidore (not to be Read More…

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Data is the new “Oil.​”

This is a continuation from last week. IT has changed the world more so in the last five years that the previous twenty-five. We live in a world of an always-on, always-connected and that means the old communication models, the early church planting models, the church discipleship models are being disrupted daily. Congregations are expecting […]

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Originally posted on PRAYERS TO THE COSMOS:
Dear God, My friends are precious to me.  I need to hold them close.  Thank You for the good times, the laughs, the joys.  May I never forget that we are not meant to go it alone in this world. Thank You for a lovely evening with friends. …

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