The Hank Center Panel Discussion

I am a big fan of the work of the Hank Center at Loyola University in Chicago. Many of the themes we all discuss on this site address issues we see in the encyclicals of Pope Francis and his homilies and other writings including speeches.Yesterday the Hank Center had a panel discussion(short intro below) discussing […]

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The reality of our changing climate. By Julie Peller Ph.D

       The reality of our changing climate and the need for earthly healing are playing out in full force amid this year’s Season of Creation’s Jubilee theme for the Earth. The enormous devastation caused by wildfires and hurricanes, in addition to other extreme weather events, likely generates feelings of despair instead of a celebratory mood. Current […]

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Christogenesis and the Mystics

The Patristic mothers and fathers and especially the mystics, have in their writings showed us how to be very much in harmony with Teilhard and his writings. We see this evolution of the universal Christ working through mystics, past and present.  Today’s mystics learn from yesterday’s mystics, and the difference is today’s mystics employ the […]

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What exactly are these ecosystem changes? By Julie Peller Ph.D.

We tend to view the world solely through the lens of human existence, even though we are dependent upon the natural world. Over the past few decades, substantial global-scale ecosystem changes, influenced by a warming atmosphere, have been taking place. Researchers estimate that over 80% of core ecological processes have been affected by the changing […]

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