Book Club: The Edge of Reason 6, the five characteristics of rational discourse

Originally posted on Footnotes to Plato:
The Pioneer plaque Julian Baggini’s The Edge of Reason, of which we have so far examined the first five chapters, ends its second part with a discussion of the distinguishing characteristics of objective rational discourse. He begins it by suggesting that the problem with the classic (Platonic, really) view…

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Liberation Theology

Originally posted on Peace Connections:
“Untie him and let him go free.” The story of Lazarus, while true, also serves as an allegory for each of us.  Like Lazarus, we suffer from a sickness that, without the visit of Christ, will bring death.  We suffer from the sickness of sin.  Without the voice of Christ…

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Now it starts…

OPINION: After a week of almost unanimous silence, the tech industry is speaking out en masse against Trump’s policies today. Facebook CTO Sheryl Sandberg was the first major tech executive to challenge the president over his anti-abortion policy, saying on Thursday that it “could have terrible consequences for women and families around the world.” Then […]

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The Internet of things

GUEST: The Internet of Things has created a new market in the automotive industry, which is showing no signs of slowing down. Connected cars and their associated services are expected to grow from $13.6 to over $42 billion by 2022. A glimpse of our collective future can be seen in Cadillac’s Book by Cadillac entrance —… […]

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Computer history museum

The Computer History Museum wanted to show the life and death impact of software on the world, and so it chose to illustrate that with a display dedicated to automobile crash testing. On Saturday, the museum opened a new exhibition to the public: “Make Software: Change the World!” The exhibition’s goal is to show how… via […]

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Hacking Wars

Watch the global hacking war in real time with a weirdly hypnotic map QZ.COM at Well-organized hackers from China have been blamed for everything from crippling pro-democracy websites in Hong Kong to stealing corporate secrets from US companies in recent months. The US and China are locked in an escalating war about online spying […]

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