“In the borders of our lives”

Plato, Socrates, and Kierkegaard tried to teach and encourage calm and serene thought, considerate and conscious human conversations, generosity of the spirit, the benefit of the doubt, reticence to judge, careful to speak, considered values, and prudent acts as essential pathways to find and understand, often provisionally, the truth because the truth is never a […]

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Practice: Vow of Nonviolence

Practice: Vow of Nonviolence “Years ago, the Center for Action and Contemplation staff, volunteers, and friends were invited to say this vow together. Today I renew my commitment to nonviolence and invite you to make this vow your own as well. Recognizing the violence in my own heart, yet trusting in the goodness and mercy […]

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The Greatest Prayer by John Dominic Crossan — bookconscious

I had heard of John Dominic Crossan before, but first really dug into his ideas in Karen Armstrong’s St. Paul: the Apostle We Love to Hate. I was intrigued enough that when I saw his book The Greatest Prayer: Rediscovering the Revolutionary Message of the Lord’s Prayer at a used/remaindered bookstore in Portsmouth a few weeks ago […]

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