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  • Green Junction: By Julie Peller, Ph.D., “one of the largest contributors to the climate and ecological crisis.”

    A November 2022 publication of The United Nations Environment Program describes the fashion industry as “one of the largest contributors to the climate and ecological crisis. It is nature intensive, reliant on fossil fuels, polluting throughout its value chain and wasteful to the extreme. It is also predicated on a culture of overproduction and consumption, […]

  • What is the future of “catholic journalism”?

    What is the future of “catholic journalism?” thinking about how much of what we see in print on all sides of the “catholic” issues are creed based on what we believe as Catholics and what we pledge allegiance to. But only a little on what we do with those beliefs, very little on See-Judge-Act. Very […]

  • Kingdom?

    Try this: When you hear “Kingdom of God,” think “Kingdom Justice.” The Kingdom of God is here and now. It is not something to come after we leave this world. The Kingdom of God is a joint venture between humans and God to collaborate on bringing Justice here and now. God is a collaborator, not […]

  • Green Junction: Climate, Advent, and Hope by Julie Peller, Ph.D.

    Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese recently wrote an article in Earthbeat (National Catholic Reporter) expressing his profound concern about climate change: the inaction, the minimal communication, and general apathy toward human/earth rights. “Advent should be a time of hope. As a social scientist, I have little hope. As a Christian, I must have hope. This Advent, I will […]

  • So we think we are Catholic?

    This post is for “Catholics” all 23 rites. Those who think you are liberal, conservative, progressive, traditional, fallen away, or in-between. Have we tainted our faith with political ideology? Do we understand the universality of the word “catholic”? How often do we find near-heresies and a few real heresies on all social media posts? Do […]

  • Are politicians the “product” of Artificial Intelligence?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in politics today. Since 2006 as the 2008 election cycle started, the introduction of AI has proved to be the most disruptive technology innovation in political history, and it is just the beginning. Politicians current and many new and upcoming movements are embracing AI and machine learning and […]

  • Green Junction: Thinking about Fashion. By Julie Peller Ph.D.

    When goods and energy are subsidized, the price is not the real cost but a reduced and often harmfully artificial one. For example, synthetic fabrics known as nylon and polyester are made from subsidized fossil fuels. The artificially low price of these clothing and textile items leads to higher sales and shorter use times. The […]

  • It is time for Catholics “belly up to the bar.” Think Social Teachings!

    The Catholic Church, which includes all the Rites East and West, must reinstll the heart of the gospel messages in Catholic Social Teachings. Have we become so comfortable with our wealth that we forget the Gospel message? Joseph Cardinal Cardijn’s thinking and message go back decades before Vatican II. Cardijn’s methods of See-Judge-Act are vital […]

  • 11 October 1962

    On 11 Oct 2022, it will be 60 years since the opening of the Second Vatican Council. It is time for the Church to resurrect the teachings in the documents to better bring about the kingdom of God here and now on a regional and global basis. The underlying methodology in the Dogmatic Constitution Lumen […]

  • Green Junction: Nanoplastics in the human body, by Julie Peller Ph.D.

    A few weeks ago, I summarized information from a study about the alarming amount of microplastics created when water is shaken in plastic baby bottles. Consumers have understood that plastics used for food and drink containers and many other items are resilient and unchanging. However, studies continue to show that some microplastics are released from […]