“You Are Church”

“It is difficult to love God with one’s whole soul, heart, mind, and strength and not do it in the state of life and environment where God has placed us.” ~ Louis J Putz CSC Putz was famous for saying “You Are Church!” his drive to have all members understand we are equal and we […]

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Hey Mystics, Wake Up

Throughout civilizations, in all cultures and all periods we see, they often experience mystics in their writings and speaking/preaching. We seem to notice them most when a society is experiencing angst, suffering, and domination by others in their community. We hear their voices and their cries helping us to understand Mystics have traditionally and, for […]

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Education belongs to you!

“The history of the church, the early Benedictines, has shown that the early in ecclesiastical history the task of the clergy was to ASSIST the laity in exercising the latter’s prime role in the Church.” ~Louis J Putz CSC The key is education. What we are talking about is adult education. Regardless of denominations, most […]

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Autonomous Technology: “The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.”  

Autonomous Technology: “The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.”   The Art of Humane Technology: Dose understanding History/Culture/Politics teach us about patterns, social change, and the meaning of life in the age of autonomous technologies? Will autonomous technologies bring us one step closer to a Re-Enchanting Society? How does technology change our lives on the one […]

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Great Article by Geoffrey Moore

As we enter the age of the Autonomous Revolution, and a world of AI it will become ever so important to embrace innovation, education, and most importantly collaboration.  For it is Collaboration is the key for growth, for embracing the greater good and the evolution of our civilizations https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:ugcPost:6806570767548076033?updateEntityUrn=urn%3Ali%3Afs_feedUpdate%3A%28*%2Curn%3Ali%3AugcPost%3A6806570767548076033%29

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