Green Junction by Julie Peller Ph.D. “Fossil Fuels and climate”

Green Junction A more rapid reduction in human dependence on fossil fuels is imperative for lowering carbon dioxide emissions and slowing climate change. An additional noteworthy benefit of using fewer fossil fuels is more occasional spills and leaks of oil and gas. This past July, a Japanese-owned ship, which was carrying 4000 tons of diesel […]

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Justice, Ecology, Social Action, Contemplation and a lecture from Steven Millies

  Justice, Ecology, Social Action, Contemplation, and political action are interwoven as a seamless garment.  This is what we call Church.   We see this in Thomas Merton, Thomas Keatings, Richard Rohr, and yes, Pope Francis.   The Hank Center  and the various lectures they present help us understand what is happening at the intersection […]

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Christogenesis and the Mystics

The Patristic mothers and fathers and especially the mystics, have in their writings showed us how to be very much in harmony with Teilhard and his writings. We see this evolution of the universal Christ working through mystics, past and present.  Today’s mystics learn from yesterday’s mystics, and the difference is today’s mystics employ the […]

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Mystics are we…

As mystics in the contemporary world, we find ourselves studying and reading mystics’ life for guidance in our lives. As an academic patristic theologian and professionally a technology zealot, I see in the evolution of mystics and their role and thinking as hope in the future; I am currently reading Ilia Delio’s new book, “Re-Enchanting the Earth, why […]

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Who are we in the Kingdom?

“The prophetic tasks of the church are, to tell the truth in a society that lives in illusion, grieve in a society that practices denial, and express hope in a society that lives in despair.” – Walter Brueggemann Jesus of Nazareth, spoke often of the Kingdom of God is now. The kingdom is about how […]

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