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  • Education belongs to you!

    “The history of the church, the early Benedictines, has shown that the early in ecclesiastical history the task of the clergy was to ASSIST the laity in exercising the latter’s prime role in the Church.” ~Louis J Putz CSC The key is education. What we are talking about is adult education. Regardless of denominations, most […]

  • climate change is at the center of action and contemplation

    For many, climate change is at the center of action and contemplation. If we think of Bangladesh as a window into the future for the world as a whole, we may be able to think of policy change worldwide. Maybe, just maybe ore policy would come forth. In our era today we must come to […]

  • Ecotheologian Boff warns of humanity’s “unsustainable” relationship with the planet

    Ecotheologian-Boff talks about autonomous technologies, and again we must realize that we are entering the next revolution of social phase change, the autonomous revolution.  The agricultural and industrial revolutions are now woven into our fabric of society and are history as to how we arrived where we are today. Read the article here: https://novenanews.com/ecotheologian-boff-unsustainable-relationship-earth/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ecotheologian-boff-unsustainable-relationship-earth The […]

  • Where less is better, where local and sustainable businesses are supported. By Julie Peller Ph.D.

    The ways the natural world serves the human population are sometimes referred to as ecosystem services, led by clean water, air, and soil.  Rain forests and other areas of dense tree growth also provide ecological services and are part of the world’s natural capital.  Trees take in carbon dioxide and provide oxygen, among many other […]

  • Give up or eliminate food waste in your life ~ Julie Peller Ph.D.

      During the season of Lent, Christians look for ways to deepen their connection to the Creator through repentance and renewal. Many of us have understood this season to be a time to deprive oneself of normal, pleasing habits.  We might give up chocolate or coffee or other simple pleasures of life as a way to […]

  • What size is your bedroom closets Julie Peller Ph.D

    The size of bedroom closets has expanded over the years with the rise in clothing purchases. Worldwide, the demand and manufacture of garments have been increasing and will continue to grow, especially those made from synthetic fabrics.  More and more clothing and other fabric-based products will be made from polyester, nylon and other petroleum-based resources, […]

  • So where is the beef? BY Julie Peller Ph.D.

    Plant-based burgers are becoming more popular, as more restaurants and fast food venues are offering non-meat “burger” options on their menus.  According to Business Insider, the plant-based meat options (Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods) are expected to balloon into a 140 billion dollar industry. This food feat took scientists years to attain a recipe for a […]

  • The Difference it makes

    I would like to share with you some thoughts about the world of technology that for many of us we enjoy, seem to not be able to imagine living without it even when it is at times frustrating. What is the difference it all makes? As we enter the autonomous revolution, understanding philosophy, which I […]

  • “Be ready because the light will surely come”

    Cassidy Hall post this insight into the heart and mind of Fr. Charles Cummings, OCSO   “The monastic night watch is good practice in the art of waiting, as we patiently look for the coming of dawn. Monks and nuns wait in the dark, longing for the light of dawn but unable to hasten its […]

  • Atheist, Foxholes, and Australia

    You know that sense of AWE you get when you first see the Grand Canyon and all that majestic beauty of a sunset over the Canyon? That is what you feel and sense when you visit Australia. In the 24 plus trips I have made there lecturing, giving keynotes and workshops, I have developed some […]