Great Article by Geoffrey Moore

As we enter the age of the Autonomous Revolution, and a world of AI it will become ever so important to embrace innovation, education, and most importantly collaboration.  For it is Collaboration is the key for growth, for embracing the greater good and the evolution of our civilizations*%2Curn%3Ali%3AugcPost%3A6806570767548076033%29

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You are the Church….

“The history of the church, e.g., the early Benedictines, has shown that early in ecclesiastical history the task of the clergy was to assist the laity in exercising the latter’s role in the church.” ~ Louis J Putz CSC.  (the operative word is “assist”) What Louis wrote, and most especially what he did in his […]

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Reflecting on free will….

Reflecting in “free Will’ during Holy Week, a time where I do reflect on what it means to be a human being and why. The term “free will” is a human term, just like “god” is a human term. What we are describing is a reality that we discover in our universes, ourselves, and our […]

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Green Junction: We don’t hear much about nitrogen pollution by Julie Peller Ph.D.

We do not hear much about nitrogen pollution, but it poses a serious global problem.  While nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere and extremely stable, human activities have converted nitrogen to reactive forms. The natural conversions of nitrogen occur by biological nitrogen fixation, biomass burning and lightning. Over 100 years ago, an […]

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