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Please visit https://www.innovate-educate-collaborate.com/cv for my complete CV.

Professional info: Hi, I’m Richard

I am a Strategist~Philosopher, and Technologist because I am first a Cultural Historian who has spent a career in Emerging Technology working on understanding the Culture & Societal Phase change that occurs when technology is a disruptor.

In a nutshell: Together, we come to understand the meaning of living a human life well, Focusing on the connection between philosophical ideas, technology, and socio-political history.

Technology is Anthropology. We must See-Judge-Act.

When we Decide, we Thrive!  The Challenge of Technology in every age begs the question, “How should we live our journey in life?”  The one question that we all must grapple with, no matter our background, is whether we are just users or creators of technology. To answer this question, we are called upon to observe, think, discern, and act in a manner that brings about the greater good for the common good.

Nota Bene: In the year 2035, or Maybe 2030? Will we become a society where No Human will be Required? Why your only job that matters is to be HUMAN.

Killer Story Teller!

Inspiring Stories, facts, experience, wisdom, and fun that energies audiences to embrace a brave new world.  Historian | Futurist | Author


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