Who is Richard?

Richard is an internationally recognized thought-leader in technology collaboration, digital strategy, data science, freelance theologian and scenario thinking processes.  He is a writer, speaker, technology influencer, and catalyst for change.  Since retiring after forty years in the business of technology, Richard’s focus now centers on the efforts of Discipleship, Missional Church, Continuing Education for Adults, Data Privacy, and the use of Technology in bringing about the mission of God.

During Richard’s career he has presented over five hundred keynotes and workshops for the Global 2000 and various industry associations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia during his professional career.

Now he is bringing that experience and know-how to assist in the ecumenical mission of God and demonstrating how to leverage technology for the greater good.

Richard brings years of experience to bear in his lively and interactive programs.   Defining the real issues, challenges, and opportunities for people to better understand Theology/Technology/Religion in the midst of a life of struggles.  To better understand technology and data to bring about the mission of God, it is all about meeting the living God.

Innovation/Education/Collaboration are the keys to systematically changing our world, our churches, and our lives to live a life in pursuit of knowing the living God.

Richard’s roots in Missional Church and Theology go back to his college days at St. Meinrad College where he focused on European History, Speech & Theater. His graduate studies at St. Meinrad School of Theology concentrated on Patristics, Systematics, and Discipleship. An environment with ecumenical professors of various denominations who were on the cutting edge of Missional Church Theology and pastoral practices helped shaped and influenced Richard’s thinking and understanding of the Patristic period’s influences on Missional Church and church planting.  Richard studied with Dr. Eli Goldratt, creator of the “Theory of Constraints,” who is best known for the book called “The Goal,” with over six million copies sold in multiple languages. Richard worked closely with Eli developing cutting-edge methods for banks, insurance companies, and investment banking. The years spent working with Dr. Goldratt helped shaped and influenced Richard’s thinking and understanding of the nature of organizations, data management, and constraints.

Richard’s Myers-Briggs type indicator is an ENTP.  Richard and his wife Therese live in the greater Chicago area, and the Galveston area, and have two grown children one in Chicago and one in Texas.

Applying what Richard calls “Actionable Discipleship Thinking,” Richard provides expertise, years of experience, and insightful guidance, scenario planning, and creativity to church leaders, church planters, and congregations in discerning how technology intersects with and embraces the work of God. What is the role of data privacy and how best to prepare for the change at hand?

In Richard’s keynotes and workshops he brings out the critical learning experience and how we come to understand what is under the surface to the issues we are facing and how to innovate with people, technologies, and processes and to educate each other, to collaborate and transform the missional program.

Richard’s experiences have included:

  • Retired Chief Information Security Officer & data scientist for American National Insurance, a multi-line public company, where Richard’s focus was collaboration through innovation and education.

  • Former Chairperson and member of the board of directors for the Center for Parish Development an ecumenical missional research and teaching agency. (missionalchurch.org)

  • Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Strategy Officer, C-bridge, a public company where Richard conducted over 400 keynotes, workshops and presentations worldwide.

  • Vice President and Director of Industry Strategy, Oracle, a public company, delivering presentations, workshops and strategy sessions for global companies entering the second/third industrial revolution.

  • CEO/President of Security Federal Bank & Trust

  • National director for Technology Advisory Services focused on strategy, processes, and policies  Coopers & Lybrand (PwC)

  • University Lecturer on Root Cause Analysis, AI and Big Data and the effects on privacy.

  • Adult continuing education both formal and informal settings.

  • Teacher of Theology at the Secondary level:  Seton Academy and Bishop Noll Institute.

  • Member of the The American Philosophical Association

  • Retired Professional Member of the National Speakers Association

  • Retired Member of ISACA (isaca.org) focus centered on data privacy & cybersecurity.

  • Member of IAPP the International Association of Privacy Professionals (iapp.org)

  • Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

  • Member of the International Thomas Merton Society
  • Member of Weststar Institute
  • Advocate & supporter of The Center for Action and Contemplation
  • My most prized designation: Jonah’s Jonah
  • My MBTI® Personality Type is ENTP. My Enneagram is a 7




Richard Putz. 409-789-4100.   Text or Call.


@putzmanmusing (Twitter)