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  • Merton & Teilhard words to live by

    “Christianity is life and wisdom in Christ. It is a return to the Father in Christ. it is a return to the infinite abyss of pure reality in which our own reality is grounded, and in which we exist.” ~Merton, The Inner Experience pg 36 Christianity is living our lives in and with the Universal Christ. Jesus […]

  • And all this is made possible by the Incarnation! Thoughts for Advent.

    “The Christian is reminded in Liturgy that the second coming of Christ is the great event which the whole history of humankind is bent. That event should not be expected with foreboding but with intense longing. It is the day of the Lord ~it is Ressurection!” Louis J. Putz CSC And as Teilhard said, “Yet […]

  • Christogenesis and the Mystics

    The Patristic mothers and fathers and especially the mystics, have in their writings showed us how to be very much in harmony with Teilhard and his writings. We see this evolution of the universal Christ working through mystics, past and present.  Today’s mystics learn from yesterday’s mystics, and the difference is today’s mystics employ the […]

  • Let me introduce you to the Center for Christogenesis

    Many of you may be familiar with the work of Ilia Delio, OSF.  Ilia is a scientist, mystic, teacher, writer, and, most importantly, a person with a prophetic voice. Formerly, the Omega Center was her platform for introducing the world to the vision of Teilhard De Chardin. What makes her work different is she and her team focus […]