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  • Do you think you understand Techies?

    Ever scratched your head wondering what drives people like Gates, Ellison, Jobs, Dell, Zuckerberg, Yang, Dorsey, or hundreds of others who gave “birth” to the autonomous world of technology and wonder where they “fit” in the social-political world we live in? If so, you need to understand the origins of ‘Silicon Valley’ and the people […]

  • neanderthals Living in Virtual Space

    This is a most interesting podcast from Rick Synder and Af Malhotra with Bill davidow who wrote the book The Autonomous Revolution Great listen for working out, riding your bike or on the treadmill

  • Autonomous Technology: “The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.”  

    Autonomous Technology: “The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.”   The Art of Humane Technology: Dose understanding History/Culture/Politics teach us about patterns, social change, and the meaning of life in the age of autonomous technologies? Will autonomous technologies bring us one step closer to a Re-Enchanting Society? How does technology change our lives on the one […]

  • Snippets of My Thinking & Reflecting this morning.

    The best way not to have your profession or business become a commodity is to understand the meaning of a Trusted Relationship. And that doesn’t happen overnight. The difference IN being human and the difference IT makes. Life and art are a seamless garment of humanity. To better understand philosophy/theology look to the art. Society […]

  • Green Junction: Global Warming is Climate Change by Julie Peller Ph.D.

    Green Junction Unusual weather events have become more common and generally are a result of the earth’s changing climate. The science of climate change is incredibly complex with extensive consequences, yet many want to describe it or deny it in very simplistic ways. The term global warming is defined by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) as […]

  • Data Privacy, Security and what I see for 2021

     We learned from Covid and the life we lived in 2020 that “Data sprawl” and remote access to data have become significant threats. Will you continue to work remotely? Will work expand your companies’ potential to be breached? What do you do with disinformation at warp speed? It’s about MARKETING in addition to adequate security and […]

  • Thoughts for the digital world. Ponder them over the weekend!

    Companies who say they don’t need a strategy, only an operation plan clearly do not understand their customers or themselves. Strategy informs everything a company does. Period! Think of the role AI is playing in creating wealth through mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. Which society best understands AI and the difference it makes? Services are the […]

  • Let me introduce you to the Center for Christogenesis

    Many of you may be familiar with the work of Ilia Delio, OSF.  Ilia is a scientist, mystic, teacher, writer, and, most importantly, a person with a prophetic voice. Formerly, the Omega Center was her platform for introducing the world to the vision of Teilhard De Chardin. What makes her work different is she and her team focus […]

  • What exactly are these ecosystem changes? By Julie Peller Ph.D.

    We tend to view the world solely through the lens of human existence, even though we are dependent upon the natural world. Over the past few decades, substantial global-scale ecosystem changes, influenced by a warming atmosphere, have been taking place. Researchers estimate that over 80% of core ecological processes have been affected by the changing […]

  • Subsidizing the Spread of Covid-19 by William Davidow Author & Investor at Mohr Davidow Ventures

    this is a good read and reflection.  The technology that is evolving is stimulating social phase change and with the Covid-19 virus, we are seeing social phase change accelerated. So think about the question is the article: Is Spreading Covid-19, the New Smoking?   https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/subsidizing-spread-covid-19-william-davidow/?fbclid=IwAR2MXhMzJgWYC9oRhDO1Z9y_wgvkKuomv_3tR-kb2NGAko9EvC42wF8TOw4