You Are Church

Two creative movements in the Catholic Church became instrumental in leading up to Vatican II. The New Theology Movement of France and the Catholic Action Movement. A driving force in both movements in the United States was Louis J Putz CSC. As a student, Louis was inspired by Teilhard, Congar, de Lubac, Jean Danielou, Cardinal Suhard as […]

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History has taught us …

History has taught us that “religion” is not divorced from the work-a-day world. Matthew 5 is a good example. Social Justice programs in churches during the entire industrial revolution (which just recently ended) brought about a greater awareness of church and society’s role and the relationship between the two. Today In classical economics terms, there […]

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Once the science is understood, we face additional questions By Julie Peller Ph.D.

The necessary societal changes implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic created unique opportunities for scientists who study the atmosphere and air quality. Imagine that your work involves the study of air pollution, and some of the primary pollution emissions were forcibly reduced across an entire country, an experimental scenario you could never create to understand […]

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Justice, Ecology, Social Action, Contemplation and a lecture from Steven Millies

  Justice, Ecology, Social Action, Contemplation, and political action are interwoven as a seamless garment.  This is what we call Church.   We see this in Thomas Merton, Thomas Keatings, Richard Rohr, and yes, Pope Francis.   The Hank Center  and the various lectures they present help us understand what is happening at the intersection […]

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The Hank Center Panel Discussion

I am a big fan of the work of the Hank Center at Loyola University in Chicago. Many of the themes we all discuss on this site address issues we see in the encyclicals of Pope Francis and his homilies and other writings including speeches.Yesterday the Hank Center had a panel discussion(short intro below) discussing […]

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