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  • GREEN JUNCTION: The earth’s natural balances have been disrupted BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    The severe, unprecedented weather associated with increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is more concerning every passing year. The recent record heat in the US Northwest made headline news for several days. Temperatures in Portland, Oregon, reached 116oF, higher than other cities in the US have ever reached, except Phoenix and Las Vegas. […]

  • GREEN JUNCTION: What resources from Mother Nature do you treasure and protect? BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    The reason we hear about semiconductors in the news is due to the shortage of semiconductor chips. Semiconductors are materials that have properties that are essential in most electronic devices. Silicon is the most widely used semiconductor. It is an element and is often produced by heating silicon dioxide (sand!) at very high temperatures, along […]

  • Article by David Bentley Hart

    A great read by David Bentley Hart. it is time to reclaim conversations reflective of the patristics. To understand how the evolution of civilizations and religion are woven together. https://www.abc.net.au/religion/david-bentley-hart-obscenity-of-belief-in-eternal-hell/13356388

  • Contemplation and Reclaiming Real Conversations.

    During this period of Covid, lockdowns, and working remotely, many human beings experienced for the first time a true sense of what it feels like to be valuable and worthwhile to others and self. The challenge during this period was understanding what prevents us from sliding into deceptiveness and dishonesty about those feelings. This period […]

  • What is Religion?

    We are all historians to some degree. Arnold Toynbee wrote in his last book this statement: “Within the last two centuries, Man has increased his material power to a degree at which he has become a menace to the biosphere’s survival, but he has not increased his spiritual potentiality; the gap between this and his […]

  • Remember to attract birds; you spread out the seed.

    In the era of autonomous technologies, marketing’s role will become a seamless garment of branding, messaging, education, and collaboration. Digital strategy means “fish, where the fish are” Marketing’s job is to create the environment to get the fish to bite. This applies not only to business but Not For-Profits as well. We are in the […]

  • Mystics are we…

    As mystics in the contemporary world, we find ourselves studying and reading mystics’ life for guidance in our lives. As an academic patristic theologian and professionally a technology zealot, I see in the evolution of mystics and their role and thinking as hope in the future; I am currently reading Ilia Delio’s new book, “Re-Enchanting the Earth, why […]

  • climate change is at the center of action and contemplation

    For many, climate change is at the center of action and contemplation. If we think of Bangladesh as a window into the future for the world as a whole, we may be able to think of policy change worldwide. Maybe, just maybe ore policy would come forth. In our era today we must come to […]

  • “The world must find ways to decrease the releases of carbon dioxide” ~ Julie Peller Ph.D.

    The world has been dependent on fossil fuels for energy mostly since the industrial revolution of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Power-driven advances in the steel, electric, and automobile industries defined this era. In 1901, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 296 parts per million (ppm). In 1800, it was 283 […]

  • Ecotheologian Boff warns of humanity’s “unsustainable” relationship with the planet

    Ecotheologian-Boff talks about autonomous technologies, and again we must realize that we are entering the next revolution of social phase change, the autonomous revolution.  The agricultural and industrial revolutions are now woven into our fabric of society and are history as to how we arrived where we are today. Read the article here: https://novenanews.com/ecotheologian-boff-unsustainable-relationship-earth/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ecotheologian-boff-unsustainable-relationship-earth The […]