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  • Overcoming the Impediments: “bayoneting the wounded in the processes.”

    As you may have surmised from my musings, they are about missional operational strategy, discipleship, technology and most importantly about change.  Change is about education. There is no change unless there is a learning process and we must remember if we do not learn, we do not change, and we will not grow as an organization […]

  • The art of reinventing your missional plan

    Just because you have a missional strategy and plan does not necessarily mean it will be sufficient to get you to where you will be in three years especially in light of the evolving and changing world of technology and privacy.  Look at your policies from three years ago primarily in technology. Did you have […]

  • Is your Operating Model going to change in a New World of Privacy?

    Your Church – What Differentiates It? As the world is changing, and all you have to do is look to our sister churches, organizations and not for profits in the EU to see what is eventually coming to the US. Will your Church be an “e-privacy and Compliance Integrator”?  If you are planning on “surviving” […]

  • Church Reimaged and Reinvented: Are you prepared?

    “Suppose there arise a dispute relative to some important question among us, should we not have recourse to the most ancient Churches with which the apostles held constant intercourse, and learn from them what is certain and clear regarding the present question? For how should it be if the apostles themselves had not left us […]