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  • climate change is at the center of action and contemplation

    For many, climate change is at the center of action and contemplation. If we think of Bangladesh as a window into the future for the world as a whole, we may be able to think of policy change worldwide. Maybe, just maybe ore policy would come forth. In our era today we must come to […]

  • Are we really semi- Pelagians and don’t know it?

    Today the 3rd of July in 529 was The Synod of Orange. There was a group Led by the ‘Augustinians‘ of the day, (somewhat forceable group too). After exerting influence, the synod upheld Augustine’s doctrines of grace and free will while condemning the views of Semi-Pelagians, including John Cassian and Faustus of Riez. They believed the human […]

  • The next few Green Junction columns will focus on plastic pollution by Julie Peller Ph.D

    Green Junction The next few Green Junction columns will focus on plastic pollution, which is an extensive, global environmental and public health problem.  Each will also offer a college student’s view through poetry, as we need to understand the concerns of the younger generation.  My colleagues and I have written and instituted a lab experiment […]

  • The earth as a place of beauty and inspiration, Julie Peller Ph.D

    Welcome to Green Junction Humans are part of the natural web of life. However, in many ways, we have disconnected from the natural world. When we view nature as just a source of materials for human satisfaction, we sever our relationship with the rest of creation. We are unable to see the damage inflicted on […]

  • Is it time to revisit “Mater Et Magistra”?

    Pope John XXIII wrote an encyclical in 1961, and he believed at the time there was a need to continue the tradition of Rerum Novarum (1891) and Quadragesimo Anno (1931).  In the ’60s, the world had changed considerably when you compare it the 1891 and even 1931, both politically and economically. When 1961 came around […]

  • “The way we treat the environment signifies our will to please God”. by Julie Peller Ph.D.

    In Psalm 40, the prayer is “Here I am, Oh God, I come to do your will.”  When we look around and see garbage in every parking lot, farm field and roadside, are we doing the will of the Creator?  When we purchase lots of unnecessary stuff, disposable and highly packaged goods, all which require […]

  • Contemplation

    As human beings, we need to feel valuable and worthwhile, which prevents us from sliding into deceptiveness and dishonesty. Think, meditate, reflect on ways you can help others besides yourself feel valuable and worthwhile. Maybe we can change the world? I believe the act of change requires some degree of reflecting, contemplation, etc. Thomas Merton […]

  • The Kingdom of God is here and now.

    “Pay the emperor what belongs to the emperor, and God what belongs to God.” That saying of Jesus from Matthews’s Gospel is one that all scripture scholars from Westar onward all agree is 100% a Jesus original saying. What Jesus is saying to us is to remember who ‘owns‘ the world. And in Isiah 45, […]

  • In life our “Why?” has to be bigger than our “Why not?”

    The benefit of changing must surpass the comfort of staying. the WHY and why not are in the context of a cause-effect…..of Objective and Subjective. The WHY is the objective question we ask about life and the why not is the subjective component. without the WHY in our life, THE WHY not will lead us […]

  • Materialism and the likeness of God

    As a philosopher/theologian and technology zealot, I have come to believe in a supreme being.  In the grand scheme of things whatever name you give the “significant other” is fine.  When I, as a Christian come to know God I am talking about the Universal Christ.  The Christ that has been here at least for the […]