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  • The earth as a place of beauty and inspiration, Julie Peller Ph.D

    Welcome to Green Junction Humans are part of the natural web of life. However, in many ways, we have disconnected from the natural world. When we view nature as just a source of materials for human satisfaction, we sever our relationship with the rest of creation. We are unable to see the damage inflicted on […]

  • Green Junction” wonderful examples of living in harmony with nature” by Julie Petter Ph.D

    Green Junction We are living in a time where society constantly encourages us to buy stuff.  Commercials on television and online ads bombard us with images that entice us to purchase all kinds of goods, from home improvement items to clothing to toys and gadgets.  As a result, giving up non-essential purchases is not an […]

  • Thinking of Origen’s visionary experiences

    A common perception among many if not all of the patristic fathers and mothers was the understanding of what we call “significant‘ in our lives as being something we learned through experience. We then give ‘meaning‘ to the reality experienced. This applies to our spirituality and our search for the ‘significant other‘ in our lives […]

  • “Reduce the plastic in our lives”. by Julie Peller Ph.D

    Green Junction The second suggestion in this season’s Lenten journey for “giving up” stuff/behaviors harmful to nature and one another is to reduce the plastic in our lives.  Global plastic production has been doubling about every 11 years, which means we are likely purchasing more plastic materials.  In turn, the devastation from plastic waste has […]

  • Reflections on the times of our lives

    A friend and colleague from my former life in technology and I were talking yesterday afternoon and discussing some of the models on the virus, the real question is, what do people think is going to happen after their two weeks or three-week shut-in ends? This virus is not going away till we have a […]

  • What size is your bedroom closets Julie Peller Ph.D

    The size of bedroom closets has expanded over the years with the rise in clothing purchases. Worldwide, the demand and manufacture of garments have been increasing and will continue to grow, especially those made from synthetic fabrics.  More and more clothing and other fabric-based products will be made from polyester, nylon and other petroleum-based resources, […]

  • Are we moving towards utopia or dystopia?

    As the autonomous revolution evolves, we will need to rethink the model we currently have for distributing “wealth,” which is basically through work, and this will be an issue when more than 50% of the people no longer work as we know it today, like punching a clock or being put on a salary, but […]

  • We become what we breathe? by Julie Peller PhD

    The type of air pollution that is most often associated directly with human health ailments such as respiratory illnesses and heart disease is called particulate matter pollution, often abbreviated PM.  Since air-borne particulates exist in a wide spectrum of sizes, PM is classified accordingly.  The particulate matter known as PM2.5 includes solid and liquid particles […]

  • “We are many parts, we are all one body.” by Julie Peller PhD

    In my years of research in the field of chemistry, most of my studies have been related to water quality.  Clean water and clean air are paramount to life, and I have difficulty understanding why society does not pay more attention to the problems of polluted air and water and freshwater scarcity.  Over the past […]

  • So where is the beef? BY Julie Peller Ph.D.

    Plant-based burgers are becoming more popular, as more restaurants and fast food venues are offering non-meat “burger” options on their menus.  According to Business Insider, the plant-based meat options (Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods) are expected to balloon into a 140 billion dollar industry. This food feat took scientists years to attain a recipe for a […]