Data is the new “Oil.​”

This is a continuation from last week. IT has changed the world more so in the last five years that the previous twenty-five. We live in a world of an always-on, always-connected and that means the old communication models, the early church planting models, the church discipleship models are being disrupted daily. Congregations are expecting […]

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Do you run out of fingers counting the number of unchurched or de-churched people you know?

I am guessing you need to be an octopus with many tentacles to count the number of people you know probably.  Now, why is that? We must be open to INNOVATION and where it comes to play in our mission. For starters, stop thinking of innovation as something that is technology or something that only […]

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Has your Church been NIST’d?​

Here is a framework that all churches and religious organizations can work with to better understand and prepare themselves for cyber attacks and protecting their data. The guidance encourages organizations such as churches to secure data from a privacy perspective and maintain security from a cyber perspective. This is called the NIST framework. NIST is […]

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Church AI…​Are we really ready?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing and its reach in our world, our society is immense. Every social network is using AI. Your banks, your insurance companies, and many of employers of your congregations are all employing AI to some degree. Churches, synods, presbyteries, dioceses, and middle judicatories need to look to capitalize on AI’s potential […]

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