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  • Ecotheologian Boff warns of humanity’s “unsustainable” relationship with the planet

    Ecotheologian-Boff talks about autonomous technologies, and again we must realize that we are entering the next revolution of social phase change, the autonomous revolution.  The agricultural and industrial revolutions are now woven into our fabric of society and are history as to how we arrived where we are today. Read the article here: https://novenanews.com/ecotheologian-boff-unsustainable-relationship-earth/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ecotheologian-boff-unsustainable-relationship-earth The […]

  • “Too many people will never come back.”

    “Too many people will never come back.” Those are the words of a local pastor. No, he was not talking about people leaving for another religion or denomination or leaving the congregation. Because of our experience with Covid-19, many are waiting it out to see how it all turns out after a vaccine works. The virus is […]

  • Green Junction” wonderful examples of living in harmony with nature” by Julie Petter Ph.D

    Green Junction We are living in a time where society constantly encourages us to buy stuff.  Commercials on television and online ads bombard us with images that entice us to purchase all kinds of goods, from home improvement items to clothing to toys and gadgets.  As a result, giving up non-essential purchases is not an […]

  • Thinking of Origen’s visionary experiences

    A common perception among many if not all of the patristic fathers and mothers was the understanding of what we call “significant‘ in our lives as being something we learned through experience. We then give ‘meaning‘ to the reality experienced. This applies to our spirituality and our search for the ‘significant other‘ in our lives […]

  • The difference OF being human in the age of the autonomous revolution

      By now, most of us who have been working from home or laid off because of the virus. Our lives have changed. At the same time, we are entering the next major revolution called “Autonomous Revolution.” As humans, we have evolved through the agricultural revolution and then the industrial revolution, which included a massive […]

  • “Reduce the plastic in our lives”. by Julie Peller Ph.D

    Green Junction The second suggestion in this season’s Lenten journey for “giving up” stuff/behaviors harmful to nature and one another is to reduce the plastic in our lives.  Global plastic production has been doubling about every 11 years, which means we are likely purchasing more plastic materials.  In turn, the devastation from plastic waste has […]

  • Are we moving towards utopia or dystopia?

    As the autonomous revolution evolves, we will need to rethink the model we currently have for distributing “wealth,” which is basically through work, and this will be an issue when more than 50% of the people no longer work as we know it today, like punching a clock or being put on a salary, but […]

  • So where is the beef? BY Julie Peller Ph.D.

    Plant-based burgers are becoming more popular, as more restaurants and fast food venues are offering non-meat “burger” options on their menus.  According to Business Insider, the plant-based meat options (Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods) are expected to balloon into a 140 billion dollar industry. This food feat took scientists years to attain a recipe for a […]

  • “Be ready because the light will surely come”

    Cassidy Hall post this insight into the heart and mind of Fr. Charles Cummings, OCSO   “The monastic night watch is good practice in the art of waiting, as we patiently look for the coming of dawn. Monks and nuns wait in the dark, longing for the light of dawn but unable to hasten its […]

  • Will the ‘Autonomous Revolution’ usher in Aristotle’s ‘Eudaimonia’?

    “What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves? This is the most important of all voyages of discovery, and without it, all the rest are not only useless but disastrous.” ~ Thomas Merton “The abyss that separates us from ourselves.” I […]