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  • Contemplation

    As human beings, we need to feel valuable and worthwhile, which prevents us from sliding into deceptiveness and dishonesty. Think, meditate, reflect on ways you can help others besides yourself feel valuable and worthwhile. Maybe we can change the world? I believe the act of change requires some degree of reflecting, contemplation, etc. Thomas Merton […]

  • Acts of kindness for the healing and protection of nature, our Common Home ~Julie Peller Ph.D

    There are many ways to engage in acts of kindness for the healing and protection of nature, our Common Home.  Many simple acts of kindness can address the critical challenge of the changing climate.  Higher global temperatures are associated with increased concentrations of carbon dioxide and other heat-absorbing gases, driven largely by the burning of […]

  • The Kingdom of God is here and now.

    “Pay the emperor what belongs to the emperor, and God what belongs to God.” That saying of Jesus from Matthews’s Gospel is one that all scripture scholars from Westar onward all agree is 100% a Jesus original saying. What Jesus is saying to us is to remember who ‘owns‘ the world. And in Isiah 45, […]

  • How many extra t-shirts do you have? BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    Over a decade ago, I sat in on a very informative presentation about the over-consumption problem in our society.  The excessive acquisition of goods depletes resources, converts natural land to engineered land, creates more waste, utilizes more energy, requires more transportation and the list of unsustainable practices/outcomes goes on.  As an example, the amount of […]

  • What was a big deal for Aristotle should be for us too

    1. ORDER Getting to the root cause was a big deal to Aristotle. The concept Occam’s razor You might remember from your philosophy or science classes—the idea that the simplest explanation is the most likely one? Well, Occam enhanced and promoted the Aristotelian root cause analysis and called it “Occam’s Razor.“  This is the old […]

  • In life our “Why?” has to be bigger than our “Why not?”

    The benefit of changing must surpass the comfort of staying. the WHY and why not are in the context of a cause-effect…..of Objective and Subjective. The WHY is the objective question we ask about life and the why not is the subjective component. without the WHY in our life, THE WHY not will lead us […]

  • I hear their far-fetched claims… BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    I continue to run into people who are ardently committed to climate change doubt or denial.  The emotions I mostly feel when I hear their far-fetched claims are sadness and despair for the youth of the world and future generations.  The unfounded perspective of climate change denial is dangerous for the health of the earth […]

  • We are beloved creatures of God, BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    People around the world – especially the younger generations- gathered on September 20th to march for the sake of planet earth and its inhabitability now and every day forward. The climate of the earth has been changing for the past several decades in an unprecedented way, largely due to the burning of carbon-based fuels.  We […]

  • Business Philosophy: The Organizational Consciousness and A Conscious Enterprise! — Vikram Roy’s Blog

    The meaningful organizational consciousness presents a collective consciousness of a set of organized people and their development and vision to shape a successful conscious enterprise. It proposes an integrative hierarchical framework of three levels of organizational consciousness: material, social and spiritual. Material is about making the organization financially and economically strong. It is an integral […] […]

  • The Universe, Technology & the Significant Other

    “It does no good to make fantastic progress, if we don’t know how to live with it, and if, in fact, our technology becomes nothing more than an expensive and complicated way of cultural disintegration…..the fact remains that we have created for ourselves a culture which is not yet livable for mankind as a whole.” […]