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  • GREEN JUNCTION: The earth’s natural balances have been disrupted BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    The severe, unprecedented weather associated with increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is more concerning every passing year. The recent record heat in the US Northwest made headline news for several days. Temperatures in Portland, Oregon, reached 116oF, higher than other cities in the US have ever reached, except Phoenix and Las Vegas. […]

  • GREEN JUNCTION: What resources from Mother Nature do you treasure and protect? BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    The reason we hear about semiconductors in the news is due to the shortage of semiconductor chips. Semiconductors are materials that have properties that are essential in most electronic devices. Silicon is the most widely used semiconductor. It is an element and is often produced by heating silicon dioxide (sand!) at very high temperatures, along […]

  • Merton & Teilhard words to live by

    “Christianity is life and wisdom in Christ. It is a return to the Father in Christ. it is a return to the infinite abyss of pure reality in which our own reality is grounded, and in which we exist.” ~Merton, The Inner Experience pg 36 Christianity is living our lives in and with the Universal Christ. Jesus […]

  • What If Merton was Alive Today?

    When we think about Why Thomas Merton is relevant today? Sometimes think about what Merton would be doing today? For instance, say Merton was fifty years old, and the year is 2021. Think technology. Merton was a whiz on the typewriter, the modern device of his time, mailed many letters (USPS), and was an avid […]

  • Green Junction: More on Water by Julie Peller Ph.D

    About 71% of the earth’s surface is water, and less than 3% of surface water is freshwater. Most of the earth’s surface water is in the ocean seas, home to over a million different species, although this is not known since many oceans have not been explored. It is thought that 50-80% of all life […]

  • Green Junction: The Water Crisis by BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    The water crisis in some regions of the western part of the US is being described as historic. The governor of California has declared a drought emergency in 41 of the state’s 58 counties. Some farmers are removing crops that depend on plentiful water, such as almond trees. The rights to fresh water in Oregon […]

  • The Autonomous Revolution and the Mystic

    The Autonomous revolution transforms us from an industrial process to a global real-time, e-commerce, AI-based workflow economy. This is going to be a profound change in society on a worldwide basis. This is innovation! What we need now are education and collaboration! When thinking of AI, remember the difference between AI and humans. Think conception~judgement~inference. […]

  • Catholic Social Teaching and Mask Mandates — Millennial

    Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Millennial writer Dan DiLeo writes: Catholicism teaches each person possesses rights — claims on goods necessary to protect dignity. As Saint John XXIII outlined, these include goods like life, food, shelter, health and social services. Catholicism also distinguishes between positive and negative rights. Positive rights are entitlements to realize […] […]

  • GREEN JUNCTION: In the 6th anniversary year of Pope Francis’s Laudato Si, BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    In the 6th anniversary year of Pope Francis’s Laudato Si, there are ongoing efforts by many organizations and individuals for ecological conversion to restore and protect Our Common Home. Ecological conversion involves changes of mind and heart that transform lifestyles towards harmony with the earth. Professor Stacy Davis at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, describes […]

  • Green Junction: What Do Trees Do For Us? By Julie Peller Ph.D

    Ecosystem services is a term used to describe the ways nature provides materials and functions for the essence of life. The food we eat, the oxygen we breathe, the medicines we take, and so much more are only possible by the services provided via resources of the earth. Trees are an example of nature’s offerings. […]