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  • Is it time to rethink climate change?

    Is it’s time for a little reality check (please see article below). Maybe the time has passed for us to be constantly studying what steps we need to take to try to overcome climate change? Maybe it is time to begin to prepare generations to come for the likely reality that our Earth is now […]

  • What was a big deal for Aristotle should be for us too

    1. ORDER Getting to the root cause was a big deal to Aristotle. The concept Occam’s razor You might remember from your philosophy or science classes—the idea that the simplest explanation is the most likely one? Well, Occam enhanced and promoted the Aristotelian root cause analysis and called it “Occam’s Razor.“  This is the old […]

  • In life our “Why?” has to be bigger than our “Why not?”

    The benefit of changing must surpass the comfort of staying. the WHY and why not are in the context of a cause-effect…..of Objective and Subjective. The WHY is the objective question we ask about life and the why not is the subjective component. without the WHY in our life, THE WHY not will lead us […]

  • I hear their far-fetched claims… BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    I continue to run into people who are ardently committed to climate change doubt or denial.  The emotions I mostly feel when I hear their far-fetched claims are sadness and despair for the youth of the world and future generations.  The unfounded perspective of climate change denial is dangerous for the health of the earth […]

  • assess your carbon footprint by JULIE PELLER PH.D

    One way to better understand how to take part in shifting the trajectory of climate change is to assess your carbon footprint or that of your family.  A carbon footprint is a general calculation of the number of greenhouse gases, measured in the amount of carbon dioxide, created from human activities.  It is an estimate […]

  • Materialism and the likeness of God

    As a philosopher/theologian and technology zealot, I have come to believe in a supreme being.  In the grand scheme of things whatever name you give the “significant other” is fine.  When I, as a Christian come to know God I am talking about the Universal Christ.  The Christ that has been here at least for the […]

  • We are beloved creatures of God, BY JULIE PELLER PH.D

    People around the world – especially the younger generations- gathered on September 20th to march for the sake of planet earth and its inhabitability now and every day forward. The climate of the earth has been changing for the past several decades in an unprecedented way, largely due to the burning of carbon-based fuels.  We […]

  • Reflections on Online Teaching from 2019 — The Patrologist

    Even though it’s only… October, I’m at a point of reflecting on the year gone past. This year I took the initiative to move from only doing individual tutoring, to offering online classes. 631 more words via Reflections on Online Teaching from 2019 — The Patrologist

  • Business Philosophy: The Organizational Consciousness and A Conscious Enterprise! — Vikram Roy’s Blog

    The meaningful organizational consciousness presents a collective consciousness of a set of organized people and their development and vision to shape a successful conscious enterprise. It proposes an integrative hierarchical framework of three levels of organizational consciousness: material, social and spiritual. Material is about making the organization financially and economically strong. It is an integral […] […]