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  • The Autonomous Revolution and the Mystic

    The Autonomous revolution transforms us from an industrial process to a global real-time, e-commerce, AI-based workflow economy. This is going to be a profound change in society on a worldwide basis. This is innovation! What we need now are education and collaboration! When thinking of AI, remember the difference between AI and humans. Think conception~judgement~inference. […]

  • Catholic Social Teaching and Mask Mandates — Millennial

    Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Millennial writer Dan DiLeo writes: Catholicism teaches each person possesses rights — claims on goods necessary to protect dignity. As Saint John XXIII outlined, these include goods like life, food, shelter, health and social services. Catholicism also distinguishes between positive and negative rights. Positive rights are entitlements to realize […] […]

  • “You Are Church”

    “It is difficult to love God with one’s whole soul, heart, mind, and strength and not do it in the state of life and environment where God has placed us.” ~ Louis J Putz CSC Putz was famous for saying “You Are Church!” his drive to have all members understand we are equal and we […]

  • neanderthals Living in Virtual Space

    This is a most interesting podcast from Rick Synder and Af Malhotra with Bill davidow who wrote the book The Autonomous Revolution Great listen for working out, riding your bike or on the treadmill

  • Hey Mystics, Wake Up

    Throughout civilizations, in all cultures and all periods we see, they often experience mystics in their writings and speaking/preaching. We seem to notice them most when a society is experiencing angst, suffering, and domination by others in their community. We hear their voices and their cries helping us to understand Mystics have traditionally and, for […]

  • AI must be understood in the context of Eudaemonia

    AI must be understood in the context of Eudaimonia ~The Greater Good of Humans. Left in the hands of only corporations and including high tech globally, we will see the same cause-effect as at the beginning of the agricultural & Industrial revolution. It won’t be pretty! What we saw in the agricultural and industrial revolutions […]

  • Education belongs to you!

    “The history of the church, the early Benedictines, has shown that the early in ecclesiastical history the task of the clergy was to ASSIST the laity in exercising the latter’s prime role in the Church.” ~Louis J Putz CSC The key is education. What we are talking about is adult education. Regardless of denominations, most […]

  • GREEN JUNCTION: “80 million pounds of pesticides ” BY JULIE PELLER PH.D.

    American homeowners use over 80 million pounds of pesticides to maintain their lawns, mostly for aesthetic purposes. Lawn service businesses that apply chemicals to kill weeds and feed grass have realized enormous growth just over the past decade.  Trugreen reported revenue of 1.4 billion dollars in 2019. This seems to indicate that the American homeowner values a perfect green […]

  • hold my hand and together we innovate, educate, and collaborate

    When we look at the early period, the origins of Christianity, the reasons the desert mothers and fathers sought out the desert, a resistance to the world they saw as violent. I think we see the reasons we are called to be mystics, a voice in the desert, the wilderness of our lives, and the […]

  • Autonomous Technology: “The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.”  

    Autonomous Technology: “The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.”   The Art of Humane Technology: Dose understanding History/Culture/Politics teach us about patterns, social change, and the meaning of life in the age of autonomous technologies? Will autonomous technologies bring us one step closer to a Re-Enchanting Society? How does technology change our lives on the one […]