Green Junction: The Treacherous Reality of Tree Loss By Julie Peller Ph.D.

For areas of the Northern Hemisphere that experience four distinctive weather seasons, it is the time of the year when trees provide an ablaze of colors, one of nature’s stunning wonders. In addition to their visual beauty, trees provide oxygen, shade, ecosystems, and so much more to life on earth. The tree cover worldwide plays […]

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Green Junction: A throwaway World By Julie Peller Ph.D.

The most extensive use of throwaway plastic is in packaging. I suggest that the term over-packaging often better describes this packaging. Recently, I watched a moving company load furniture wrapped in multiple layers of plastic into the moving truck, an example of over-packaging. I wondered what happened to the heavy blanket pads that protect furniture during a move. […]

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What’s it all about?

I view life in three stages: first, we engage in formal learning; second, actively earning, and third, we should be returning and sharing our wisdom.At the end of earthly life, we often gather to celebrate the life led. But, we who are living should view our third stage of life as the living celebration of […]

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You Are Church

Two creative movements in the Catholic Church became instrumental in leading up to Vatican II. The New Theology Movement of France and the Catholic Action Movement. A driving force in both movements in the United States was Louis J Putz CSC. As a student, Louis was inspired by Teilhard, Congar, de Lubac, Jean Danielou, Cardinal Suhard as […]

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