Are we living in a world of Chupchiks?

Think about this: If we studied history on an ongoing basis, 1/3 of the time we watch TV, listen to music, or spend on social media, we might begin to see a new era of enlightenment coming over the horizon.

Why is history so important today in our world? “Standing on the shoulders of giants” is a metaphor that means we understand what we can gain today from those who have gone before us in order to build a world for the common good of all.

Why don’t we understand? Change? We all recognize that the problem lies in the difficulty of moving people through a paradigm shift. The “shift” is at the heart of societal phase change. The key is education and collaboration. And that my friends require effort and work.

Now think about this: Theology without Praxis is a “Chupchik”. In the context of religion, praxis is not creeds, not beliefs, or convictions; it is obedience to the call of God. “Come Follow Me” is a ‘willingness’ to take action, to walk the talk. Look around your world. Do you see Praxis?

If we study history, we can see the meaning of Theology without Praxis is a “Chupchik,” If we look around our world and communities, ask ourselves, what do you see? Oh heck, turn on the news…you will understand what I am saying.

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