Synchronicity, my first love before I even knew its name

Synchronicity reveals the meaningful connection between the subjective and objective world.” ~ Carl Jung

Over the years, I have realized synchronicity is much like love in a marriage. You either grow in love over time, or you grow out of love over time, and much depends on your awareness of what matters most in life.

Quantum physicists attribute synchronicity to the “non-local” mind (or universal consciousness).

Psychologists (particularly those who follow Jungian theories) believe synchronicity comes from the unconscious mind and collective unconscious.

In either case, events, circumstances, and awareness constantly occur. The question becomes how open we are to the phenomenon of separate, and at first glance, unrelated experiences in our life finding a path into our lives that will be meaningfully intertwined.

You are the key to understanding synchronicity and why a synchronous event happens.

Separate and unrelated is the phenomenon, but when we look closely, we discover patterns. As Gretzky once said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Synchronicity at work.

Knowing the patterns is the art of being open to synchronicity. Have you ever thought about how often humans talk about their pets, wild birds, and animals as “just knowing when a storm is coming,” or we say, “they can sense something is going to happen” or “my dog knows a bad person right away.”

And why should humans be any different? Throughout my life, I have realized humans suppress synchronicity. Our ego may get in the way. Maybe we “think” too hard? Animals are more open and in tune with the universe. Perhaps what makes us human is the ability to “see” the world as the universe intends.

In my life, synchronicity led me to know Thomas Merton, opened my eyes to the meaning of the Sermon on the Mount, introduced me to emerging technology, and opened doors to adventures that allowed me to express and share what synchronicity introduced me to the first place.

Over seventy years of life, wisdom has become the understanding of the meaning of synchronicity. For us humans, it should be the difference it should make in our lives. 

Mortimer Adler said, “Love without conversation is impossible.” And synchronicity is much like love in a marriage. We need the conversation to experience love.

Don’t hesitate to have that conversation often with the universe.

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