Does Bruno whisper to Francis?

You know, in 1049, Bruno (I think he should have kept that name as pope) was enthroned as pope, taking the name Leo IX. Among his first acts was to counter threats from antipope Benedict IX. It seems like nothing has changed since then, and what he works on is to improve the papal finances, which are in questionable condition, and correct the abuses of simony and sexual misconduct that are rife among the clergy and hierarchy ~ If the church is anything it’s consistent throughout history.

Bruno, as Leo IX, began the work of reform, which was to give the next hundred years a character of their own and a new vision. He called a handful of synods to combat the evils in the church and in society. He even excommunicated the rebel Godfrey the Bearded. (humm). Leo IX traveled a great deal, and where he traveled, he called local synods to help collaborate and solve the day’s problems.

Leo IX focused on society’s ills, and when we study his efforts, we must remember the Sitz im Leben’s time. The most heart-wrenching event of Leo IX’s pontificate—was the actual break between the Eastern and Western churches, which resulted partially from an ill-fated military involvement.

The year of the Great Schism 1054 is the year of the death of Leo IX; maybe Bruno whispers in Francis’ ear from time to time.

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