René Girard

René Girard

The goal of religious thinking is exactly the same as that of technological research — namely, practical action. Whenever man is truly concerned with obtaining concrete results, whenever he is hard pressed by reality, he abandons abstract speculation and reverts to a mode of response that becomes increasingly cautious and conservative as the forces he hopes to subdue, or at least to outrun, draw ever nearer.” ~ René Girard, Violence and the Sacred

If we think about this, we can see the key is “practical action,” or what many call Praxis. Think about MT 25.

An understanding of the “See-Judge-Act” methods should become our modus operandi.

As humans, we see and experience social situations, judging them, but what methods of discernment do we use to evaluate? When we begin to act, is our action based on the belief to promote justice and improve the situations of those served?

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