What is the future of “catholic journalism”?

What is the future of “catholic journalism?” thinking about how much of what we see in print on all sides of the “catholic” issues are creed based on what we believe as Catholics and what we pledge allegiance to.

But only a little on what we do with those beliefs, very little on See-Judge-Act. Very little on social justice or how we go about creating communities. Oh, we seem to get that more in Sojourner magazine and others, but the catholic press …well, not so much…

I think we saw more of that when we were growing up. If you are over 55 today, and something happened where it faded, we have a pretty good idea why….anyway back to the original question what the future of Catholic Journalism is?

I see in Catholic Journalism as a whole that the publications have one thing in common: their audience, often more than not…’ well-heeled.’ It is where the money can be found;…

OK, you will not make a living selling writings and stories to the poor, underprivileged, or marginalized in society; I get it, so maybe that could be one of the church’s jobs. Be the voice for the reign of God here on earth.

I was just thinking out loud this morning.

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