Throughout history, we have seen empires conquer smaller countries with a similar cultures. Which is usually the “excuse” the enormous dominant empire gives for the takeover. (and a handful with no similarity) And there is always resistance. Sometimes others come to the defense of the smaller country, and sometimes they don’t. People, like countries, seem to pick and choose their battles.

We are seeing it again with Russia and Ukraine; there is rumbling and threats between China and Taiwan, and will there be a takeover attempt there? What patterns do you see between the two?

So we see three global powers: China/Russia/USA. Will the USA come to the aid of Taiwan like Ukraine? Are the patterns similar? In Ukraine, the USA has a “helping” partner in NATO. If the USA comes to the defense of Taiwan, will the USA have “helping” partners?

If we reflect on history, we see all of history full of empire-building stories. Probably more levels of empire-building, war, and freedom than we do of stories of how good humans are to each other. What does this say about our nature? And for those who believe in a God, what does this say about the human likeness to God? Or is that not important? Is it just OK to say humans are created in the image of God and leave it at that?

Maybe “boys” and a few “girls” on the playground never grow up and will always want to rule and conquer. Have their armies and weapons of choice, and the question we must think about is, What drives those ambitions? And Why?

And for Christians, is being in the “likeness” of God too much to even try?

Something to think about.

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