Try this: When you hear “Kingdom of God,” think “Kingdom Justice.”

The Kingdom of God is here and now. It is not something to come after we leave this world. The Kingdom of God is a joint venture between humans and God to collaborate on bringing Justice here and now. God is a collaborator, not an intrusionist.

Before the arrival of Jesus of Nazareth, the expectation was God would be and deliver to His people an intrusionist who would be King and rule the land as a king rules with a heavy fist. Instead, Jesus talks about a kingdom of Justice, a way of life, often very political but not partisan.

So think about your God. Is God a collaborator or an intrusionist?

Think about Christianity today. Are various movements still seeking an intrusionist? Are some movements becoming intrusions versus kingdoms of justice? Are some movements assuming the role of “king” and ruling with a heavy fist?

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