The Autonomous Economy is coming

As you think about autonomous technology, think about autonomous economies. Our current economy is biased/geared toward inflation. Autonomous economies are geared for deflation. We are in the early stages of the autonomous revolution. Think non-monetizable productivity.

When you look at the role of the leaders of society in the last two revolutions, the Agra and Industrial, we see philosophers, theologians, Pastors, and economists addressing the time of the lives of the people living then…today, those same people in the emergence of the autonomous revolution, must address the meaning of “Zero Economic Value citizens,“(ZEV) people who will never be employed “full-time,” no matter their education or skills. ZEV will be a result of societal phase change in the autonomous economy.

We need to consider bringing ‘Discernment’ to society by focusing on the cause/effect of Autonomous Technology & the Autonomous Economy on Healthcare, Banking, Government, labor, Human Resources, Environment, Religion, Social Values, Governance, and Mobility.

Social Phase Changes in society are heart-wrenching experiences for many, and for others, they are new frontiers for advancing the evolution of humanity. Innovation is happening. The question is, are we educated to understand, and will humans collaborate for the greater good?

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