The reason for book clubs and discussion groups

If you are reading in order to become a better reader, you cannot read just any book or article. You will not improve as a reader if all you read are books that are well within your capacity. You must tackle books that are beyond you or, as we have said, books that are over your head. Only books of that sort will make you stretch your mind. And unless you stretch, you will not learn.“~ Mortimer J. Adler

In the age of technology, we have reading material in all formats at our fingertips. This includes traditional books, articles, documents, position papers, opinions, etc. There is no reason not to stretch our minds.

Stretching one’s mind often is a lonely experience.

The purpose of book clubs/discussion groups should be to help everyone who engages in the discussion stretch their minds. Stretch their understanding of the world and the conditions of the world that shape us as a society, culture, and government.

The discussion facilitator should be experienced in the art of Socratic Methods. The facilitator should bring supplementary materials to the discussions from time to time to add to the stretch and better the understanding of the matter at hand.

When we stretch, we learn, we grow, and we come to a better understanding of the difference being human makes and why there is a difference.

In my thirty-five years in the world of technology and public speaking, one of the most rewarding experiences was the after-hours book discussion groups we formed. Often starting at our offices after work and somethings evolving to the local pub for a conclusion.

In the age of technology, we have the means to “meet.” in virtual settings. The opportunity is there to meet at times and days that would not otherwise be convenient.

Look at the world around us today. Tell me there is no need to stretch our minds and learn and grow?

Find a group, start a group, do it now, and stretch and grow.

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