Independence or Interdependence – A Reflection

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

Stella “helping” with sermon preparation yesterday by sleeping on the computer bag!

This Monday is the Fourth of July, Independence Day. In 1776, the Second Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence. The Thirteen Colonies declared that they were no longer subject and subordinate to the King of England. It was a moment of serious risk-taking by the signatories.By signing the document, they were effectively saying they were committing treason against the crown. It was at once a solemn declaration by the leadership and a huge celebration as the yoke of oppression was lifted from their shoulders.

So, what does the Fourth of July have to do with the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost and the Gospel reading from Luke, Chapter ten? That is what I would like to explore a bit in this blog. In the reading from Luke 10, Jesus appointed seventy others to go out and prepare the…

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