We need to become civilized

As Catholics, for that matter all Christians, we must realize abortion is not the cause but a symptom of much greater ills in our society and culture. If we want to reduce or even end abortion, we start with understanding the teachings of Jesus, the early followers in the first two centuries, (pre-empire church) we as Christians must promote sex education and universal healthcare and stop the violence against women. Violence exists at all levels in our society and culture; we see it in the Church, among laypeople and clergy, and in the hierarchy. An excellent place to start is to end clericalism. We need to stop criminalizing women in all forms of sexuality. We must bring about a new movement in the Church to change its approach and attitude towards sexuality.
We need to promote women in society & religion, not shame them and exclude them~we are all made in the image of God. We need to stop workplace inequalities, which also goes for our politics. Women are not born with zygotes. Therefore men must as responsible.
We, as Christians, need to understand better what social and ethical justice means in terms of sexuality and women. This understanding has to be at all levels of the Church. If we want to become the likeness of God, we must act as we mean it.
Vatican II had an underlining theme called “See-Judge-Act” we have lost the art of discerning. “See-Judge-Act” applies not only to the Church but to society. We have replaced “discernment” with control, dominance, and power. Sadly, the roman empire lives on.
We need to become civilized.

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