Secret Revelation of John

There are hundreds of gospels and related texts about the movement of the early followers of Jesus in the first three centuries. We have given them many names, such as gnostic gospels and Apocrypha writings. Given our modern-day political environment, we find similar situations exist in churches & the political world of the early followers of Jesus as we do today. One of those writings of the time was called the “Secret Revelation of John” or the Apocryphon of John. The writings are attributed to the apostle John. Irenaeus talks about the writings from around 180 AD. The setting is about “revelations” from Jesus after He “has returned to the place from which he came.”

Often these texts are complex for many to wrap their heads around, little alone to try to understand. A new book is out on the “Secret Revelations of John” called “Illuminating the Secret Revelation of John~Catching the Light.”  The author is Shirley Paulson, a scholar of early Christian texts who offers podcasts and online courses for non-scholars and aspiring scholars.

Her website is 

and a youtube introduction to the book can be found at

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