Easter and the East, They Get it!

Indeed He is Risen!

 In the East, you have Jesus holding the hand of Adam and Eve and leading them out of Hades. Keep in mind Hades is not Hell, as we think in the West it is just the place where the dead go.


In this painting of the resurrection, We see God’s outreach to us with lessons taught by Jesus on earth, about the Kingdom, love, justice, worship, and the essential role of humanity in God’s new creation we call the Kingdom.

This season we are now entering, the Easter Season for the West today and next Sunday for the East. I am suggesting taking some time and reflecting on the two different understandings of resurrection.

The early followers of Jesus in the first two hundred years got it! Somewhere over time the view and understanding of Christianity evolved in the West with a different perception, one more to the liking of the empire and the situation of what was evolving in Europe.

During this Easter season, I recommend you get a copy of this book it is full of some of the most amazing art about Easter, and reflect on the difference Resurrection makes and why it is important.

Think of this book as “Art Theology” and remember the KEY to understanding the theology is being true to the ART!

Resurrecting Easter: How the West Lost and the East Kept the Original Easter

by  John Dominic Crossan  (Author), Sarah Crossan  (Author) 

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