“What does Love have to do with it?”

Does evolution always win in The end? Is violence why empires grow and fall? 

The evolution of the universe and the particular species on this plant adopt a change to survive. It is why viruses mutate. One of the differences in humans is humans are prone to addictions. And violence and violence against their own species seem to have become an addiction. We see in history that empires expand during the phases of societal change and leverage violence to expand empires. It was a significant factor during the agricultural and industrial revolutions, and now, with autonomous technologies, are we experiencing the exact cause/effect? The one difference is that addiction gets more robust with each societal phase change. 

Now think of where this species we call humans would be in the evolutionary cycle if we weren’t addicted to violence? 

When will humans understand the difference between being human and the difference it makes? 

The key to watch over the next ten to twenty years as the autonomous revolutions begin to take hold globally is how we use the new technologies as human beings. Will our addictions overpower us with the further use of the technologies?

What is significant about the technologies being crafted is that they all are integrated with artificial intelligence, which allows them to multitask, something humans are incapable of doing.

Technology in and of itself cannot feel emotion or love, and that is a difference for humans and maybe a reason for the addiction to violence. It may be the reason why evolution wins in the end. It may be the reason empires fall.

In her song, Tina Turner asked, “What does love have to do with it?”

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