Technology is not the big bad wolf at the door of humanity

The word’s etymology, Technology, leads back to the Greek ‘techne’, derived from technique and technics. Aristotle observed that “Every techne and every inquiry, and similarly every praxis and pursuit, is believed to aim at some good” ~ Think Eudaimonia

technology is found in every societal revolution, agricultural, industrial, and now the autonomous process. Technology makes possible and serves the attainment of human ends; think of Eudaimonia as the guiding principle in societal phase change. 

If we stop and think, Technology imitates nature; it does not replace a character, meaning it does not replace what makes a human being a human being. There is no place for authentic human creativity, thinking, emotional expression, or judgment in Technology. What Technology does do is supplement and complete the nature of being human. But first, we must understand the difference between being human and the difference it makes. Nearly 2400 years ago, Aristotle understood that Technology produces the same things as nature; they differ only because Technology is effective from the outside, whereas nature is practical from the inside.

To put this plain and simple, we as humans must do and understand how and why Technology affects society. But first, we must understand the meaning of being human and the difference it makes.

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