“After Jesus Before Christianity”

Have you thought about joining a study group with those who are interested and have read or are reading the new book “After Jesus Before Christianity“?

Six sessions each session covering one of the six major themes in the book. I anticipate roughly an hour of discussion per the theme. If we go longer that is ok.

This is a marvelous book about the first two centuries during the period of time that what we have come to know and understand as Christianity had its roots. To better understand our “religious DNA” our roots is critical to understanding why we call ourselves Christians today. And just maybe, the Sitz im Leben will give us insights where we may have taken the path off course from time to time.

The book is available at all major booksellers and from the publisher HarperOne.

The study groups will be via zoom, and I am pretty flexible for morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. Trying to keep the size to eight, so I am more than willing to facilitate multiple sessions.

The discussion will follow the six major themes discovered in the book.

The six major discoveries that are discussed in the book are:

1 They resisted the Roman Empire,

2 They practiced gender-bending;

3 They lived in chosen families;

4 They claimed ‘belonging’ to Israel;

5 They had diverse organizational structures;

6 They had persisting oral traditions.

I will provide handouts and guides to chapters pertinent to the topic discussion.

Let me know if you have an interest, and preference for day of the week and time of day.

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