Reflecting on the year, as a historian

Is authoritarianism the default model for nations? Do we understand that authoritarianism produces a level of conceit, militarism, overextension, and bureaucratic calcification in leadership? Study the patterns throughout history. Is authoritarianism the new wealth, power & Prestige?

History/Philosophy teaches us that when governments move toward authoritarianism, it is because the people don’t believe it could or would happen to them. The line in the sand is crossed, into authoritarianism when we begin to experience decadence and cultural decline, a loss of decorum and civility.

We need to ask the question: Have we lost all sense of what it means to be a human being? Do we understand what it means to disagree with a person but respect the person all the time? Have we lost all sense of the greater good? Have we lost the common sense of politics? Have we lost the common sense of ethics?

When historians say “history repeats itself” they are not referring to it in a literal sense. What repeats itself are the patterns of behavior, the patterns of leadership, the patterns of compliancy of the people being governed.

Since the time of the Roman Empire, we have seen nations, societies, and people, evolve into various forms of authoritarianism. Ever wonder why people allow this to happen? When you study history you discover one of the main reasons is cultural decline, a decline in education, and control of what is education for the masses by those who desire authoritarianism.

So as we start a new year, ask yourself what drives human beings to seek and desire authoritarianism? Is it wealth, power, and prestige? What are the drives for people to be willing to subject themselves to authoritarianism?

If there was ever a time to study history, it is now. Study the patterns, the philosophies, the political maneuvers of leaders. The time of our lives is now to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly. ~Micah 6:8

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