The Widow’s Mite

For example, assuming Both Richard Rohr and Bishop Strickland of Tyler TX preached today on the Gospel, (Mk 12:38-44 or 12:41-44) I can just imagine, maybe they would be as different as night and day.
The widow had no plan B, no savings to fall back on, no tomorrow. How many of our hierarchy would be thinking this is just reckless on the part of the widow?
She should have at least given half and saved some for herself. After all, that is why we tithe is what I am sure many would be thinking.
And I can just imagine what those who believe in the Gospel of Prosperity are saying about this story of the widow. The story speaks volumes of the role and nature of Christian Discipleship,
I often think of this story when I walk through cemeteries. Looking at the monuments built unto themselves and most especially the mausoleums the ones most especially that are private, and not built for the obvious reason of saving space. Just before Jesus comments on the widow, he comments on the scribes “who devour widows’ houses”. If there ever was a case for inclusive capitalism or compassionate capitalism there it is.
We have in both houses in DC large swaths of Catholics. Even in the Supreme Court. Yet we can’t seem to pass a bill that is inclusive and compassionate.
I wonder what Joe Manchin thought of the gospel today? After all, he is a Catholic.

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