Silence – A Reflection

We live in a world and a time when Shabbat moments and experiences just don’t happen. Shabbat moments provide us with the opportunity to better understand the meaning of being human.

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Setting up for a Shabbat class via Abbey of the Arts

Today Denise and I awoke for the second morning in our own bed. The past two months have been a journey we could never have imagine in our wildest nightmares. 12,000+ miles driving back and forth between Georgia and Minnesota and Alabama. We (Denise, her brother, and I) sat with their father as he drew his last breath. Burying Chase and Christopher’s grandmother (the dear friend and former mother-in-law of Denise and a dear friend who was family to me as well). The boys lost their last biological grandparents within a ten day period.

So much has gone on as we have driven so many miles separately and together. We have also walked with my Dad through the Valley of the Shadows of hospitalization, rehab, and moving within the place where he has lived since 2017.

Denise and I…

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