This is the Time of our Lives.

“…That only the Church can provide ‘the vital energy to transform democracy into a true equality” ~Louis J Putz CSC

This was Louis’ post-postmodern vision, he was a person who believed in social reform, the New Deal, Neo-Keynesian sorta, he took patristics seriously.

Louis believed unity came through spiritual principles or order and logic. He was not a fan of reductionism or homogenization, which the post-modernists, gov’t bureaucrats, and traditionists in the church stood for Louis’ mind, the problem is with cultural dualism and education was the key for change to happen .

In a free and democratic society, Education is KEY. It is how we gain wisdom to manage our destiny. Schools should teach students how to learn for themselves by studying core courses for everyone starting in High School and beyond.

Science, Philosophy, and Theology wrestle with the deeper meaning of our time, lives, and what it means to be human. This is the Time of our Lives.

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