Reading just may haunt us.

I am what many call an “active retiree‘. I retired from a career job but not from being active in the world and helping it become better.
I do virtual book clubs  along with public speaking, and the book clubs are more like discussion groups virtually via “Zoom”—all as a labor of love to encourage more and more people to read, discuss and learn. When we learn, we grow. In many ways, we are moving towards the greater good.

Book clubs/discussion groups offer the opportunity to grasp knowledge. We need to judge if the knowledge gained from a book is for you and, most importantly, to understand what the author was conveying to the reader and why.
Reading is the highest activity for understanding.

Reading is a complex activity. When you grasp what you read, you begin to develop the ability to judge, critique and understand. Then you can assist others.

In all the books chosen by the participants, often with suggestions from me, together with discover the paths people take better to understand self, the world around them, and what our role in the future can be to bring about the greater good.In all the books, we uncover someone’s philosophy; often, we see similar social changes occurring that run parallel in our lives.

The question haunts us in the readings and discussion about our role as “teacher” or “coach” for others, and we often discuss the role of technology in a changing part with the knowledge gained from the readings.
In many ways, the people in the book clubs have thought about educating themselves and others.
Knowledge coupled with contemplation will always produce action. Action is a gift of Philosophy.
The gift of Philosophy is its ability to question our thinking, our coherence, or incoherence, and most especially the manner and method by which we think. And that makes all the difference in the world!

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