Merton & Teilhard words to live by

Christianity is life and wisdom in Christ. It is a return to the Father in Christ. it is a return to the infinite abyss of pure reality in which our own reality is grounded, and in which we exist.” ~Merton, The Inner Experience pg 36

Christianity is living our lives in and with the Universal Christ. Jesus dying on the cross, which was a political act thereby leaving for us a pattern and proof that the cause, the kingdom was worth the cost of death. A pattern that proves out over and over throughout history in many other individuals and holy people. A cause worth dying for is an act of love, infinite love.The Kingdom as taught to us by Jesus and his followers was about waging peace. What does waging peace look like for us in our world today? How do we foster creative problem-solving? And how do faith communities collaborate and challenge others to wage peace?

This fostering of creative problem-solving requires collaboration between faith communities and science. Looking to Teilhard de Chardin we find the building blocks for that collaboration. as Teilhard said “In the name of our faith we have the right and the duty to become passionate about the things of the earth.“”Teilhard is an indispensable man for our times, his expression of the faith is necessary for us.” ~ Merton “Faith and Violence” pg 285

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