The Autonomous Revolution and the Mystic

The Autonomous revolution transforms us from an industrial process to a global real-time, e-commerce, AI-based workflow economy. This is going to be a profound change in society on a worldwide basis. This is innovation! What we need now are education and collaboration!

When thinking of AI, remember the difference between AI and humans.

Think conception~judgement~inference.

To better understand the cause/effect of the autonomous revolution, we need to understand history, philosophy, and literature.

Understanding the difference in being human and the difference it makes.
The future of jobs is changing dramatically and will be even more profound as the autonomous revolution evolves.
There is no turning the clock back; technology provides growth, opportunity, and a better way of life on this planet. Unless we understand the meaning of being human, we won’t be reclaiming the future we handed over to robots and the like.

The autonomous revolution will significantly impact the economy, the way we work, what we call work. Still, it will force humans to address the meaning of wealth for society concerning the role of work.
The role of organized religion is now altered in the same way the agricultural revolution caused families to be central to church life. In the way, the Industrial Revolution brought awareness to social justice and labor issues for church leaders.

The meaning of being a mystic will become more apparent as society begins to address the rise of AI in our lives, in nursing homes, animal therapy, education, and our understanding of ethical principles.

Theologians, philosophers, social scientists, and a new breed of politicians who will be political leaders and seen as healers in times of crisis will emerge and address the societal phase change we are experiencing.

The ethical goal of innovation must be to create benefits for the greater good of humankind and the earth; we must move innovation beyond the purpose of just creating technology for the sake of technology and only to make money. We will see this dramatically play out in health, emergency medicine, and disease management.

The role of the mystic will be the driving force in organized religion. The most significant impact will be on the traditional western religions. What Leo XIII did for the industrial revolution the mystic will do for the autonomous revolution.

The challenge is understanding the meaning of wealth and work: The difference is being human and the difference it makes.

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