Hey Mystics, Wake Up

Throughout civilizations, in all cultures and all periods we see, they often experience mystics in their writings and speaking/preaching.
We seem to notice them most when a society is experiencing angst, suffering, and domination by others in their community. We hear their voices and their cries helping us to understand
Mystics have traditionally and, for the most part, are associated with religious organizations or movements. today we are seeing “mystics” in a more “universal” context, not affiliated with organized religion or denominations. They are the voice in the desert; they are the ones in our modern world reclaiming the conversation of what it means to be human and in search of a ‘Significant Other‘.
We have experienced the voice of the mystic when we undergo significant social change. All societies, all cultures throughout history experience social phase change. When societal change is global, we call it a ‘revolution. We have experienced the “agricultural revolution,” the industrial revolution, and in each, there were subsets of major and minor societal phase change. In each of these “revolutions,” people suffered, people prospered, and the mystics spoke. But did we listen?
Today we are in the beginning phase of the “Autonomous Revolution,” No, this is not an extension of the industrial; the cause/effects are substantially different. When we experience a global, societal phase change, we see significant changes to how we work and live; we are slowly transforming our global society, economy, culture, and philosophy.
In our current “Autonomous Revolution,” technology is not just an enabler of processes to enhance and make humans more productive; it is becoming a partner in society, including in our political systems.

The questions will arise:

What constitutes normal behavior in a world that is virtual?” “Where is the intersection of virtual and physical?” 

“What happens with the virtual and physical worlds collaborate and become a seamless garment?”

“What happens to humans in a world of autonomous technologies that advance at a pace faster than humans?”

“As humans, we are the product of centuries of evolution of our minds, brains, senses, all of which are optimized for survival on the planet but what about a virtual world, where technology replaces humans?” 

We already see our ethics changing because of autonomous technologies. We see behaviors in the virtual world we would never see in the physical world. In a world of autonomous technologies, will it be easier for us to leave behind our inhibitions and fears? And how do we manage and deal with the virtual bullying, character assassinations, and the like that are instant to millions of people and, for many, the cause of pain and despair?

There is no turning the clock back; the revolution has begun; the question is, what do we as mystics in the modern world do now?

Hey Mystics, Wake Up.

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