What is Religion?

We are all historians to some degree. Arnold Toynbee wrote in his last book this statement:

“Within the last two centuries, Man has increased his material power to a degree at which he has become a menace to the biosphere’s survival, but he has not increased his spiritual potentiality; the gap between this and his material power has consequently been widening, and this growing discrepancy is disconcerting; for an increase in Man’s spiritual potentiality is now the only conceivable change in the constitution of the biosphere that can insure the biosphere—and, in the biosphere, Man himself—against being destroyed by greed that is now armed with the ability to defeat its intentions.” ~ Mankind and Mother Earth.

What we learn from mystics today and yesterday is that the threat to our survival can be removed by a revolutionary change of heart in each person on this planet and that only in religion do we see the ability to generate the will power needed to make the change because it is a religion that is the way human beings create the necessary change to respond to the challenges we face and the mysteries of the phenomena of being human. This, my friends, are the difference between being human and the difference IT makes.
Religion and science must evolve hand in hand to rethink the core issues and constraints we face as human beings. The root cause of many of our life problems is a lack of “religious leadership,” primarily religious leaders treating the core problems as if they were a neurosis and all we have to do is wait six months, and it will go away.

Religion must be involved in meeting the challenge. Mahatma Gandhi taught us that ‘God is Truth,’ the new testament taught us ‘God is Love,’ and it is the art of religion that teaches us ‘God is life,’ Universal Life and all that is good. We must realize that God is within us and not out there and hoping that God will change our world because God is out there. God is in us, and therefore we walk with God and change our environment and the world we live in. Our God in the 21st century is the sum of all of humanity through the ages, and because of this, we can bring about change and a different view of reality.

To be ‘religious’ means to value the importance of being human, our relationships with each other as social beings. Religion is that which helps us as humans glorify God and enjoy God.

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